Dedicated to getting it right | Branding for Young Love Events

There are little moments during a large design project when I have to abandon any thought of myself and simply focus on my client's needs. While I have preferences and opinions on the "way things should be", sometimes those opinions are set aside in order to give a client what they need.

This is especially true with small business branding. Many of my business clients begin without vision or idea of what they want, and some have a clear image of their new brand and simply need a way to bring the ideas to fruition. Whether the client is clueless or knows exactly what they want, one thing rings true for both parties: as your brand develops, so will your business.

Nichole, of Young Love Events, contacted me several months back to brand her event and wedding planning company.  She knew what colors she wanted and how she wanted the brand to represent her. I thoroughly enjoyed developing her new look, from the logo and business card design, to a rear window decal and promo card design. Upon completion of her order, Nichole responded with this very succinct message:

"I've learned so much about what I want for my company by working with you through these past couple months!  I appreciate your patience and dedication to getting it right!"

This is what I strive for! Mutual respect between designer and client brings success! During the long and (often) complicated process of brand creation, my end goal remains the same: dedication to getting it right.

Thank you Nichole and I wish you the very best in all endeavors.

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