Start Your Party by Sending Out Awesome Invitations

As most of you who browse and read my blog know, stationery design and your paper goodies can have a HUGE impact on your overall event, setting the tone for the event and carrying the look through in a cohesive manner.  Yes, you can most definitely "DIY design" your items, or order stock designs, however if you are genuinely looking for that special touch, begin with your event invitation design!  The following article was written by Sabrina Mable with Henit, Ireland's premiere Hen and Stag party planning company.

Start Your Party by Sending Out Awesome Invitations
Every party officially starts the moment invitations are handed out and hen parties are no different. That’s why choosing the design for the hen party invitation might be something the organizer should give a lot of thought to.

how do you go about choosing the right invitation for the party? Here are some ideas to get you started.
Themed Party

Themed parties tend to be a lot more fun than non-themed parties as the guests get the chance to dress up for the occasion. What’s more, there’s a sense of “belongingness” in wearing similar attire. A lot of hen groups are seen wearing the same shirts, outfits, or accessories, which makes them easy to spot. Those are things that can certainly draw everyone’s eyes on the group.

Choosing a theme for the party certainly makes everything else a lot easier. Why? Because the design for the invitation, decorations, cake, and everything else can be based on the chosen theme.

Hen Party Activities

It goes without saying that the design for any party invitation should be festive, and that can consist of anything that symbolizes parties like balloons, a cake, and confetti. For a hen party invitation, get a design that has something to do with the activity planned.

Typical designs for such invitations might include a glass of champagne, lingerie, and other images that tend to be associated with hen parties. Of course, it will be a lot better if the invitations are personalized or designed particularly for that party.


Additional information will definitely be needed on that invitation. Details about the date, time, and venue will be necessary. Will it be a whole-day affair, a night on the town, or a weekend abroad? Guests should know about those things.

Forget about including the itinerary in the invitation, though some might think of adding that in. Everything will be a lot more fun with an air of mystery or if everything else comes as a surprise.

Send Them Out

After the design is chosen and the details are finalized, have those invitations printed, and send them to everyone who should be invited. It is important to send those invitations in advance so that everyone can, if ever, make the necessary arrangements or free up their schedule to attend the event. That is definitely important for hen weekends.

A bride’s hen party serves as one last chance for her to be to really enjoy one last night of freedom before she gets married. What’s more, it is a chance for her to spend quality time with her closest friends and relatives. To make sure that those important people are part of the special occasion, sending out those invitations on time is important. Typically, event invites are sent out months in advance to ensure enough booking time for travel, and any other plans that need to be made.

The whole celebration really starts with choosing that design for the invitation. If it’s too difficult to create a design, it is not that difficult to find a professional that can create what you have in mind. So, start planning for that hen party, choose a design for the invitation, and send out those invites early enough to allow more people to attend.

Sabrina Mable is an author and recognized authority on planning hen parties. She currently works for and specializes in creating hen party packages for fun and memorable hen parties in Ireland. She has succumbed and joined the world of social media. Follow her on Twitter.

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