Everly's 3rd birthday stationery

Julisa has been one of my most "loyal" clients, originally ordering many things for her wedding, and various parties over the past couple of years.  Their daughter's third birthday party is coming up and Julisa placed an order for the usual suspects: invite, 2" favor stickers, food tent template, and a couple of signs.  The party theme is Olivia the Pig (which I had never heard of lol!), to include a few "Rules of Life", in the colors black, white, and red.  Julisa had a couple of inspirations for the invite design, and wanted to create a wrap for the invites out of striped paper.  These were so fun to put together!  Here's her final chosen designs!  Thanks Julisa!
**Olivia the Pig reference and images are property of Nickelodeon**

Food tent:

Stickers: 2x2"

 Large sign: (21 x 27)

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