Gift certificate for my dad

Every year since Brian and I started dating, we fly to WA to spend Christmas with his family.  They celebrate Christmas is the most amazing and heartfelt way.  Cabin in the mountains, snow, hot drinks, warm fire stove, the whole nine yards!  Since I started going away for the holiday, Brian and I host my parents at our place for an early Christmas Eve celebration. For my family, Christmas Eve was always our family time, and every year, we had a special dish called Russian Spaghetti for dinner, and open presents that evening.  My mom's family began the tradition of having Christmas eve Russian spaghetti dinner MANY years ago, and my parents kept the traditional going.  Well, now that my mom has passed away, I will keep our family tradition going.  We are having my dad up to our place this coming Friday for our early Eve.  There will be delicious Russian Spaghetti, a lighted tree, warm drinks, and good family time.  It will be hard without mom there, but in my heart, I know she is with us, enjoying the season in spirit.

As a gift for my dad this year, we are buying him a piano tuning.  He's played piano for decades, and has recently started playing more.  His piano is old, and according to Brian, VERY out of tune ;)  We needed to make him a gift certificate for the tuning gift; something festive, but manly and to-the-point.  Here's what I came up with, including the belly band pattern, and front seal monogram, enjoy!

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