Wedding Stationery for Alba

Alba contacted me a couple months back, wanting help with her invitation suite.  She had purchased a kit to print on, but wanted the design to be more than the standard "Word doc" style look.  After providing a bunch of ideas to begin, she fell in love with a design.  We completed her invitations, with a bit of printing drama, and continued on to the rest of her items: stock and custom monograms, bathroom basket sign, candy buffet sign, cards sign, bar sign, and 6 signs to be placed on an arch as part of the ceremony decor.  She bought frameless frames (silver corner clips) to show off the entire design.  Their colors are a deep rich purple and silver/gray.  Her invitation kit had a flourish design on it that we ended up re-creating to use throughout all the other designs.  It was joy working with Alba, as she had so much going on between 3 kids, weather drama, and regular wedding planning drama.  Their wedding was yesterday, and I wish them the best! Here are their designs!  Thanks Alba!

Bathroom basket sign:
 Candy buffet sign:
 Bar sign:
 Cards sign, formatted for heart shaped frame:
 ARCH SIGNS: Family, Thank You (english and spanish), Special Thanks, Wedding Party, and Special Thank you for Parents signs, all 8x10:

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