Giving Thanks...

This holiday season is particularly special, as this year has been a trying one for me.  Without getting into too many details, my car got totaled in May, my aunt died in July, and my mom was diagnosed with her 4th round of breast cancer in August.  My dad's health started turning south, and my handicapped brother didn't have an open funding resource for his care... Through these events, I have grown; I have learned.  No matter how bad the circumstances, no matter how bad it can get, FAITH and LOVE will always get you through.

I am beyond grateful this year for all of the provision, abundance, health, and blessings we've been given.  The biggest trial has been my mother's health.  Truly I didn't foresee having my mother here and alive by this time; she wasn't supposed to make it; people don't survive four rounds of cancer.  But her life is evidence otherwise.  She is improving everyday and her scans show the cancer is receding, diminished, and dying.

I thank God everyday for each blessing He's bestowed on us.  Without Him, life would lose its purpose.  We have been given each breath as a gift, and it's up to us to use each day to its fullest, and never ever take life for granted.  It can change in the blink of an eye.

I hope everyone who reads this truly can be grateful and thankful for something or someone this season; and have a wonderful and blessed holiday!


  1. Wow. What a year. That was a beautiful message Sarah. Thank you for sharing such personal thoughts with us. Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. WOW...AMEN TO THAT.....despite all this you managed to do all the great works in between! Have a very blessed Thanksgiving sweety!!


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