CD Favor Cover for MaDonna

Ahh, I really excited to blog about this - - MaDonna had sent me an inspiration pic for their CD covers; I was at a loss as to how to begin designing it, but got the idea to "cartoonize" one of their engagement photos and create an "album" look to the cover.  I sent MaDonna the proofs, and she wrote back, "You did a fantastic job on the CD label!!!  I and FH were busting up laughing because we're having a Caricature drawer at the wedding and this would be a nice addition.  Thank you so much!"  After a few minor tweeks, here it is!

PS- I'm probably going to be opening up a line of "custom illustrated photos" pretty soon... stay tuned for more info!!

1 comment:

  1. Wow Sarah! You did a great job on that! You are amazing girl!

    I've always wanted a portrait of Jeff and I where we look like the simpsons lol


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